Made to Move Online Training Membership

Are you ready to start doing workouts that ACTUALLY produce the results that you want? 

If so, this membership is for you!

This training membership was designed to help you increase strength, build lean muscle, and be more CONFIDENT and CONSISTENT with your workouts to finally achieve your goals – without spending hours in the gym.


Are you sick of putting in the work and not seeing the results?  

Do you find it hard to stay committed and motivated to your workouts?

Do you want to start but you have no idea where to begin?

Imagine if…

You felt confident in the gym

You looked in the mirror and saw new muscles showing up

You felt stronger and more “toned”

You had a program to follow that makes you EXCITED to show up

You had the support system and accountability to keep you going

My goal with the M2M Membership is to empower and guide as many women as possible to strive to be their strongest, happiest and most confident self.

What you get as a member:

Monthly training delivered through the TrainHeroic app (you’ll get access to both the gym and home program)

Demo videos for every exercise, weight and other progress tracking capabilities, and training calendar all built into the app

Helpful resources such as our Nutrition 101 Guide, Pre and Post Workout Nutrition, and Warm Up and Cool Down Recommendations to guide you along your fitness journey

A Private Facebook group where you get to connect with me directly and the opportunity surround yourself with a community of uplifting women with similar goals to encourage you and help you stay accountable

What M2M members are saying:

Jen H.

Jen H

Micheala is more than a trainer. She is your biggest cheerleader, accountability partner, health and wellness coach, and #1 fan. She has taught me that consistency is key, and that healthy habits build a healthy mind and body. It’s really that simple. I am blessed to have her in my life.

Jada M

Jada M

In my 30’s after 2 kids and marriage, my weight climbed little by little every year but I could hit the running hard, and the lbs. would drop.  In my 40’s I was working out 3-5 days a week, watching what I ate, and my weight continued to climb. I finally sought help! When she looked at my workout routine, Micheala encouraged me to add weights but still made running a part of my routine because she knew I love it.  She also showed me how to change my cardio and make it more effective.  I must admit I’ve never liked lifting weights (I’m still so so on it) but what I do like are the results. I finally have muscles, in my arms, legs, back (who knew). I also hear her voice in my head when I REALLY don’t want to work out “What changes you is what you do consistently”. I was always the type to be good for two weeks or two months and then something would get in the way, and I would just stop. I now make it routine, my lifestyle and as time goes on it gets easier and my body needs it. Micheala has helped shift my mindset, rather than only focusing on the scale, focusing on becoming stronger, having more stamina, and accomplishing goals I would never have previously.

Casey B.

Casey B

I have been working with Micheala for the last four years. I have done one on one training in the gym, small group training classes and most recently at home personal training. I was a class/cardio junkie before my time with her. Micheala has taught me to love strength training. With her workouts I have seen firsthand what it does for my body and my metabolism. I am a mom of 3 in my 40’s, I didn’t want to be another person who talks about all the horrible things that happen once we turn 40. She keeps me feeling confident and strong. I was never a confident shorts person but now I love shorts and showing off my legs. Also my booty has never looked so good (according to my husband).

Rob D.

Rob D.

I started training with Micheala almost 5 years ago to the day. I had never been someone who lifted heavy weights or really spent much time in a gym other than a treadmill. My entire life I’d been a skinny guy who would simply go for runs if I started to feel out of shape. But I found myself in my mid 30s as the most out-of-shape and heaviest I’d ever been. Working with Micheala literally changed my life. Not only did we begin incorporating weight lifting into my training, ultimately lifting (eventually HEAVY) became the foundation for my entire program. Initially I lost a lot of weight but as time as gone on I’ve put it back on in the form of muscle and my body completely transformed. I became much more confident both in and out of the gym and for the first time in many years, I started liking the guy in the mirror again. Micheala is an amazing trainer and an even better person. She is basically family for me and has had such a positive impact on my life. I still train with her today because the journey never stops, and she helps me every day to find my why. I can’t recommend her enough.

Chrissy D.

Chrissy D.

I met Micheala five years ago.  I was 6 months post-partum after my third child.  At 35 years old, the weight was a bit more stubborn following my last pregnancy.  I had almost no experience lifting heavy weights and had a solid fear of “getting bulky” as a result.  With Micheala’s guidance and support, I developed a love for lifting!  Micheala has taught me how to lift properly, how to successfully manage my nutrition, and how to enjoy the process throughout.  “Working out” shifted to Training – and Training eventually became a way of life!  Five years later, at almost 40 years old, I still train with her, and I no longer have a fear of “getting bulky”.   She became more than my trainer, she became a life coach and a friend.  I can not recommend her program enough!

Sam A.

Sam A.

I came to Micheala with a goal to get stronger, be more consistent, and just have a plan at the gym. I'm 3 weeks into my second month since training with her and I have never felt stronger or had more knowledge behind what I was doing. That alone has brought me so much confidence in the gym. I am touching new machines, learning new exercises and everyday I know what I am doing. Her commitment to me and my plan has helped me be more committed to the gym. I can’t thank Micheala enough for taking the time to get to know me and make what I want happen

Email: IG: @michealabarsotti